1. Why Workup?

workup sana ne sağlar

We designed Workup to support technology-driven startups. We ensure that your startup has a scalable and sustainable business model and we take good care of it. We accelerate and brighten your every field effort, including access to the financial resources you need for product and market alignment.

Entrepreneurs that are selected to Workup also become members of the Kolektif House. You can establish business connections with investors, investment networks and successful startups in the same office located in Levent / Istanbul. Moreover, you can benefit from the services offered by all Workup partners and all the privileges of being a Kolektif member.

We provide mentoring and technical consulting support for business idea development, lean entrepreneurial methods, research and customer development, team building and management, law, finance and accounting, marketing and presentation techniques, sales and marketing training to your technology-driven startup. In addition to the training that supports the acceleration of the startup, we make it fun to work with the help of unique Kolektif events.


2. What is included?

Expert and mentor support

We support your startup with the support of mentors and experts in the various fields that are in the business links of the program's main sponsor, Isbank and other partners


  • etkinlik
  • etkinlik
  • etkinlik

  • Testing ideas,
  • Lean startup methods,
  • Research and customer developement,
  • Basic finance and accounting,
  • Business models,
  • Income models,
  • Naming and positioning the business and the idea,
  • Pitching,
  • Marketing,
  • Digital & performance marketing,
  • Building a team and leading it

Kolektif House Membership

  • workup sana ne sağlar
  • workup sana ne sağlar
  • workup sana ne sağlar
  • workup sana ne sağlar
  • workup sana ne sağlar

You can be a part of the happy Kolektif House family, who believe in the power of producing shoulder-to-shoulder and thinking together. The taste of being a door neighbor with investment networks, investors and successful startups is another delight. Also; yoga and breathing exercises, happy hours, music events leads to happier employees and less stress.

High speed internet connection

Daily cleaning

Easy to access

Lounge areas

Meeting rooms

Weekly Events

Monday breakfasts

24/7 access

Office Massage


Yoga ve Breathing excercises



Unlimited tea and coffee

Law Consultancy

Aksan Law Office partner Lawyer Melih Aksan is an adviser to our program in venture capital investments and other areas of commercial law involving entrepreneurs. He is available to you in your processes of getting investments, corporation and setting partnerships up.

Accounting and Financial Consultancy

We support the startups by providing financial reports with the support of our accounting and financial consultancy services. We solve all your questions about the right type of business which suits you and how you will set it up.

Angel Investor Networks

Kolektif House, is the place of both meeting and working for angel investment networks and beyond angelic investors. Get ready to make investment presentations even within the program and even in the Kolektif corridors.

Technical and Infrastructural Support

You can get help from our technical support to ensure that your startup is technologically best suited to go live and reach important masses.

Product and Business Development Mentoring

You can improve your product and business model by consulting with people who have successful products in different business areas.


Isbank network

You can get a chance to introduce your products and services to Isbank and its affiliates also to their customers.

Kolektif Network

Besides many partnerships; over 1000 Kolektif freelancers, StartUps, investors, corporates, globals, creatives are your potential first clients.

Hackquarters Network

Hackquarters is always on your side with its startups and business links all around.

4. Mentors

The mentor and investor who polishes every startup that his hand touches, the angel face of the ecosystem Ömer Erkmen is the leader mentor of Workup program. Working under the wings of Ömer Erkmen and other loved mentors is priceless.

See the Mentors

5. Graduation

We put entrepreneurs who participate in trainings and meet our success criteria together with many investors and investment networks in the ecosystem. Entrepreneurs who have graduated from the program at the end of the sixth month may remain with us after graduation with the advantageous membership models of Kolektif House. By having an office in the Kolektif, you can continue seeing the mentors who you met during the program and continue to receive some of the support we provide.